PS5 Price: How Much Will You Have to Shell Out For The New Console?

As far as gaming consoles are concerned, two main giants have to be reckoned with: the PlayStation, manufactured by Sony, and the Xbox, which is the product of the global tech giant, Microsoft. Of these two, the PlayStation series is set to receive a new sibling soon, called the PlayStation5. However, not much is known about the PS5 price. We will today discuss the many factors which determine the price tag of such a device.

PS5 Price: What Does History Suggest?

History and precedents can be an excellent example of how much the new console can come for. The very first PlayStation arrived internationally in December of 1994 for $299, which was, at that time, an exceptionally high price tag, princely even. However, this console was hugely successful and it was path breaking in many respects. Together with other major companies like Atari and Sega, the first PlayStation was a trailblazer as far as the gaming industry is concerned.
The second edition of the PlayStation was the aptly named PS2 and it arrived in the month of November 2000. At that time, the console was made available for a sum of $299. It was in 2006 that the PS3 released; it was a very impressive device which had an even more impressive price tag.
Depending on the model, the PS3 came with a minimum price tag of $599. This high price tag signaled a change in approach as far as the gaming industry was concerned. However, the new model was a splendid device, and it still retains its popularity. The PlayStation 3 was a turning point as far as the gaming consoles were concerned. This meant that even though the PS3 was so pricey, it was still well accepted. 
In 2013, the PlayStation 4 was launched with a price tag of $399, a price tag which can be afforded by many users. While this indicates that the number of purchases had increased substantially, we also believe that the PS4 signaled the fact that the general public was willing to embrace the console, long seen as the bastion of richer people.
So, where does this leave us as far as the PS5 price tag is concerned? We believe that the new PlayStation will come for a sum of $399, which is neither too much, nor too less. Such a price tag will also mean that many users will be able to move on to the next generation of consoles.

Wrap up
We are still waiting and watching on whether the manufacturer, Sony, comes up with an official estimate of the PS5 price.