Fans are Estimating New things to Come with the Launch of the FIFA 18

The world of video games has gone through a huge change in the last few years. And the way in which things are getting upgraded every day, it can be said that the best is definitely yet to come. There have been huge noticeable improvements in the different sections of a video game, and that can be clearly visible. When we compare a game that has come out on the market in the recent past with the ones which have hit the markets a decade back, the difference can be noticed clearly. And the game developers deserve a lot of credit for that.

Among the games which have undergone such huge changes mostly belong to the open world action role-playing game or the sports genre. There has always been a huge fanbase for the sports video games, and quite naturally the developers are somewhat forced to bring in those changes. If we take a look at the list of the most popular games in the sports genre, we will certainly get the games from the FIFA series. The developers of the game FIFA have invested a lot of ideas while developing the game and the development of technology that has taken place over the years have found proper implication in the games that have come out in the FIFA franchise. Undoubtedly, there is a huge fanbase of FIFA across the continents.

Now as we have already gone past the first quarter of the year 2017, the fans have started expecting things that might come in when the FIFA 18 game releases on the market. Surely there are going to be lots of changes, new additions, and little exclusion as well. But here we are with a list of things that the fans would love to see coming in.

The first and foremost thing that the gamers would love to see coming in the game FIFA 18 is a better AI. Often we have seen that the AI in the single player mode is not working properly and for a game like FIFA, this is not just one can persist with. Hence a better AI in the game is the order the day. And this demand from the fans comes at a stage when FIFA is rendered as one of the games which have got best AI. But then, there is always space for development, and the fans are having hopes regarding that.

Besides a better AI, the fans would love to see more emphasis on women’s football. In the available editions of the FIFA, there is women’s football, but that is definitely not one of the standout features of the game. And this is where development in the game is necessary for the women’s football is definitely something that a game like FIFA 18 should have.

However, everything depends on what the developers of the game think. And we will be able to get an idea of that when FIFA 18 officially comes out in the month of September later this year.