Uncharted 5: Check out some wishlist features of the gaming installment

The California-based developer, Naughty Dog, is popular for the stories they frame and character they portray. And is the bigger reason why we have a huge number of Uncharted fans. With the Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, the popularity increased with massive sales number. And now that Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is knocking at the door; serious gamers wish to seek for yet another gaming installment under Uncharted series, the Uncharted 5.  But from Neil Druckmann and Nolan North, if at all we speculate about the new gaming installment, then that would bring us to the fact that Nathan Drake might not be the protagonist of the gaming installment.

But it is understandable from the fans’ part, as they always seek to get something extraordinary from the gaming series which results in the production of new gaming installments every year. So, with due respect to fans’ sentiments, if at all the Uncharted 5 gets unveiled, there’s a possibility of getting the below-mentioned wishlist features. Read on below.
1st- With Uncharted 5 one can definitely expect an open world setting. But as we know Uncharted 5 is hanging in the air, and there are only speculations that can guide us to the ultimate seeking for the Uncharted 5 wishlist features. With the upcoming standalone DLC, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, players are virtually traveling to the mountains of India. So if at all there’s an Uncharted 5 coming in, it’d be optimistic to hope for yet another bigger continent, say for Africa!
2nd- VR is the new in-thing that the world of technology is consisted of. So with the upcoming Uncharted 5 fans might hope to experience a huge improvement with the booming of the VR industry. Also, we can speculate the new game to come with a VR support.
3rd- Likely, Uncharted 5(https://www.uncharted5gamer.co) might be developed by another studio, if at all its production process gets unveiled, some new elements might get added to the gaming installment. But the Multiplayer mode has long been a thing for appreciation when we are concerned about the Uncharted gaming series. So this time, with the speculated installment, Uncharted 5, multiplayer would be offered as the series support both co-operative as well as competitive multiplayer.

Talking about Uncharted 5 game, it’d be understandable if we say that the entire gaming installment is likely to be called as an enigma. Though the developers have not even confirmed the game, yet what stands to be more on the excitement part, is that Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has been given a brighter hint. Earlier it was planned to be nothing but an expansion of A Thief’s End. However, on a happy note, it ended with shaping to be much bigger and dependable. Additionally, they have added a fresh protagonist with the Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. But with Uncharted 5, we can just speculate the game to get unveiled not before few years, and we can take a stab at 2020 for Uncharted 5 release date.