Check Some of the Wishlist Features of Borderlands 3 Game

Ever since the gaming industry let its significance shine on the talented gamers, we have received serious enthusiasts in the field who not only are entirely into it (professionally as well). Borderlands series is identified as one of the eminent games. Now that Borderlands 3 has been in the world of speculations, serious gamers are keeping an eye on every possible news about Borderlands 3 game. Let us now check some of Borderland 3 wishlist features that might get unveiled with the gaming installment.

Borderlands 3: What are the wishlist features?
Borderlands 3 has a number of fan followers who always tend to stay updated about the upcoming game. So, presenting some of the wishlist features of the game mentioned below.

A new Antagonist- As expected by gaming gurus, Borderland 3 is going to be a direct sequel to its last installment, Borderlands 2. With that, we already know that Handsome Jack is now dead, so gamers expect another charming, yet charismatic villain of Borderlands 3 story. With an entirely new approach, this direct sequel is going to bring new tales.

Open World Setting- In terms of its gameplay and perspective, Borderlands gaming series has been a massive hit with the importance of maps to let players be teleported across locations. Borderlands 3 is speculated to be the first in its series to bring out an expansive open world setting. With the addition of unlimited maps as well as the exploration of Pandora Borderlands 3 will turn out to be the most amazing game ever in the series.

Brand New Enemies- With new locations, gamers will meet new characters which also includes new foes. With an inclusion of open world settings, we have endless possibilities of meeting new characters in Borderlands 3. A virtually unending world will naturally bring scope that was not witnessed in the previous editions.

Split Screen- Borderlands games’ greatest thing is the option for playing local multiplayer. It has been the most identifying feature, but nowadays this is becoming increasingly difficult. As we have already expected Borderlands 3 to feature cool upgrades as well as significant improvements, we would also like to witness the comeback of the local playing options in order to bring back the essence of nostalgia in the upcoming gaming installment.

If we state, Borderlands 3 confirmed by Gearbox is officially correct, then it would not be a fair part for the serious gamers, for who games are the ultimate passion. But we definitely are getting the game somewhere in the mid of the year 2018. Wait for Borderlands 3 development to be officially announced.